Take care of your system, and it will take care of you.

The heating and cooling system you use to control the climate of your home is a serious investment. MACC Mechanical can help you protect that investment with a year round maintenance program designed to make sure your comfort is something you never have to think about.

Timely, regularly scheduled visits by our team of expert HVAC professionals can help you identify minor issues before they become major problems. We have maintenance packages to fit every type of system. Here are just a few of our checklists:

Central Air Conditioning Service:

  • Clean evaporator coil
  • Inspect and adjust refrigerant levels and pressure
  • Clean and adjust blower components
  • Calibrate thermostat and examine settings
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Clean and lubricate all moving parts (fan motor, blades, etc.)
  • Clear condensate drain
  • Check compressor amps
  • Remove debris from outside condensing unit
  • Inspect hoses and hose connections for leaks and cracks
  • Check fan belt tension
  • Test controls
  • Test unit disconnect
  • Inspect relays and contacts

Furnace Maintenance and Boiler Service:

  • Inspect heat exchanger for cracks, leaks or decay
  • Check and adjust fan switch
  • Clean and adjust pilot and pilot assembly
  • Check all controls
  • Inspect gas lines from burner to shut-off valve
  • Inspect air vents for obstacles
  • Check flue pipe integrity
  • Check belt and pully tension
  • Check flame sensor controls
  • Check for flue spillage
  • Inspect boiler thermostat
  • Test for combustion efficiency
  • Check for nearby combustible materials

Water Heater Service Checklist:

  • Check temperature and pressure valves
  • Check for leaks
  • Remove soot, rust or sediment buildup
  • Drain and cycle the water tank
  • Inspect safety pan and drain line
  • Test shutoff valve
  • Check hot water return line for efficiency

Non-specific HVAC maintenance checklist:

  • Check gas or oil connections
  • Inspect gas pressure
  • Monitor burner combustion
  • Examine heat exchanger
  • Inspect, clean or change air filters

Call MACC Mechanical today to set up a custom maintenance package designed specifically for your home’s needs.