Easy and affordable comfort you can count on all year long.

For homes with no ductwork, mini splits provide a fantastic and discreet alternative to forced air. Mini split systems are also efficient, because they don’t waste any energy controlling unoccupied areas of the home.

Mini split air conditioning systems work by using copper tubing to pump refrigerant to nondescript air handlers mounted on the wall. Mini splits work in reverse in the winter, absorbing outside heat and using it to warm the interior of the home. These mini split HVAC systems serve as great applications for dwellings, garages or pool houses without ductwork and can be installed room-to-room to create comfort zones.

Qualified mini split installers can be difficult to find, however, and improperly installed mini split systems can waste energy and fail to correctly control temperature. Fortunately, MACC Mechanical’s experienced installers can mount your mini split heat pump or air conditioner at an affordable price. We generally recommend Fujitsu or LG units, but are capable of installing any brand you like.

If you have a ductless house or are just simply finding pockets of discomfort throughout your home, contact MACC Mechanical to see if a mini split system is right for you.