Save money and the environment with a clean geothermal system.

Fluctuation of outdoor temperatures can wreak havoc on your annual heating and cooling bills, even with the best HVAC service and equipment.

If you’re looking for year round indoor temperature consistency and a dramatic reduction in utility costs, geothermal heating and cooling may be your best solution. Not only will geothermal technology save you money on gas, oil, and electric, it reduces the noise pollution of a central air conditioning system outside and runs quietly inside. Likewise, geothermal systems are Earth friendly, because they burn no fossil fuels and reduce electrical grid consumption.

As great as this sounds, use caution when choosing your geothermal technicians. Inappropriate materials or improper installation can result in the failure of your geothermal equipment and can even have adverse effects on the environment. Fortunately, the knowledgeable professionals at MACC Mechanical use only the best equipment and materials and have extensive experience at geothermal heat pump installation.

Using the Earth as a heat sink, the professionals at MACC Mechanical drill wells below five feet where the temperatures remain relatively constant at about 55 degrees. From there, a number of different systems can be installed: from vertical or horizontal systems to closed or open loop systems. Your MACC Mechanical technicians can advise you on which residential geothermal heating and cooling system is best for you.

MACC Mechanical recommends using the Hydron Module systems to ensure a long-lasting and satisfying geothermal experience.

Call the experts at MACC Mechanical for more information about the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling systems.